Thursday, February 7, 2013


So Daniel Feetham is the new leader of the GSD. Hold me steady, I’m in shock, I never saw that coming!

The GSD election battle was the nearest you’ll see to a one horse race with two runners. The GSD executive chose the winner; just why the wider party was not consulted I know not, perhaps there isn’t one. However I guess the executive deciding it is a step up from the former Supreme Leader dictating matters. It is hardly democracy at work but then the wider electorate will have its chance to decide at the next general election whether Daniel Feetham is chief minister material or not.

The current chief minister is also leader of the GSLP, a party that Feetham once aspired to lead. Fabian Picardo is not known to be a drinker of substances alcoholic, may be the occasional glass of wine. Well on Monday night he could be excused a tincture or two in celebration of the election of Mr Feetham because without a doubt he was the candidate the majority of members of the GSLP favoured.

As Nick Cruz the leader of the PDP observed in my interview with him last week both Feetham and his challenger Bossino would split the GSD as was seemingly reflected in the executive vote. It sure is a rum show because as Cruz pointed out both Feetham and Bossino started out in politics in party’s opposing the GSD and now one of them is leading it. I suspect Bossino will keep his ambitions burning because there may yet be a vacancy sooner than he expects. Meanwhile all the true members of the GSD are over at the PDP and I wonder how long it will be till others join them.

Of course Daniel Feetham has been a party leader before with his ill-fated Labour Party. He ditched that, got in to political bed with the arch enemy of his family, and was even instrumental in giving birth to the PDP. And all he wanted to do was lead the GSLP - and be chief minister.

So the GSD executive, in its infinite wisdom, elected the socialist Daniel Feetham as its leader over the Liberal Damon Bossino. So will the next election manifesto be a centre right GSD one or a socialist one? You sell your political soul and make your choice.

I still believe Damon Bossino was closer to the true heart of the old GSD even with a Liberal twist. He is young, bright and had three years to learn the ropes of leadership a skill that Feetham is yet to master despite all his reincarnations.

The problem for the GSD is as the former Supreme Leader edges towards the exit door the black legacy of his administrations live on with Feetham. What the party needed was a new broom instead it has the former chief minister’s bag carrier.

There are still numerous skeletons rattling in the government cupboards on the GSD’s abuses whilst in power which still have to be let out. The former chief minister isn’t escaping them; they are clinging to his ankle like a prison ball and chain. His party had the chance on Monday night by electing Bossino to distance itself from the past. Instead they have chosen Feetham who was as close to the former supreme leader as you could get. It is a decision the GSD may yet live to regret.