Monday, December 23, 2013


Well it seems Mariano Rajoy has sent his letter off to the Three Kings and they are going to get him a new toy: a massive water cannon. Just how they are going to get it down his chimney I have no idea.

The news was broken by Elena Valenciano is who the Vice Secretary General of PSOE, one of the MPs for Madrid and also the Vice President of PES. She reported: “Yesterday (Tuesday) we learned that the police are going to buy a truck equipped with a high-pressure water cannon to break up demonstrations. Known as jug, which has not been used in our country for more than 20 years, it will cost half a million euros and has a capacity of 7,000 litres of water to be mixed with colouring to mark the clothing of the protesters.”

Now why would Rajoy need a water cannon? Well it seems he told the Three Kings to "protect the free exercise of rights and freedoms and ensure public safety" and "in case of having to re-establish public order in the way least harmful as possible".  And so we witness Spain drift from being a full democracy to an authoritarian State.

The water cannon is all part of the paraphernalia of the PP’s new security laws aimed to keep Spaniards in check. The UN rates Spaniards as amongst the most obedient and well behaved in the world. Yet Rajoy insists he needs a massive water cannon and a draconian law to control them. He fools nobody.

So when this most tolerant of people take to the streets to protest at the handling of the economy, to demonstrate against people losing their homes, to voice their anger over the abusive banks and to rail at the corruption of the Partido Popular their Prime Minister has his answer. A new set of laws that has been condemned both in Spain and by international civil rights organisations plus his giant riot control water cannon. The silent majority will be made to remain silent.

Now if Rajoy treats his own people as if he was a dictator: as an all-powerful leader who demands they stay at home and do not use their democratic right of protest, if this is the way Spaniards are treated then his actions at our border with Gibraltar become much clearer.

Of course whilst Rajoy attacks Gibraltar, as we all know, it is the border town of La Línea and the Spaniards who cross to work who take the full brunt of his fascist actions. For Rajoy Gibraltarians may be a non-people but his fellow Spaniards are of no consequence either.

So in 2014 expect more harassment at the border, no doubt his water cannon will appear whenever Spaniards are brave enough to confront his security laws to protest and as for the people of Cataluña, God help them. I doubt if he will waste his water cannon on them when he has a squadron of armed tanks at his command.

A Happy New Year to us all!